Twitter: Best & Top Hashtags

Take advantage of this popular hashtag selection. These hashtags are collected and mixed from Twitter.

Remember to add specific hashtags to your Copy & Paste final set. Algorithms change constantly and now is really important to make your post look more natural.

# Hashtag Popularity Num Posts
Note: Top hashtags are competitive and, often, considered as spam. Mix them with niche hashtags. You can generate them via the Generator that you can find on this page.

What are the best hashtags for Twitter?

In this fast-moving platform that is Twitter you need to make your content easier to discover than ever. The selection of best hashtags can boost your post impressions by 2-3 times, making them viewable on the Explore section. To identify the best working tags, mix the sets with rare/niche and frequently used hashtags.

How to add Twitter hashtags to my posts?

You can copy-paste the hashtags from the list above for free or use our advanced Hashtags Generator. To add TOP tags to your posts for free:

  • Check off the boxes with the hashtags that fit your content
  • Combine up to 30 hashtags and add spacing to divide tags from the post caption
  • Tap on Copy and save a set in a document or paste into a caption

To reach more organic views, likes and engagement, according to our experience, it's best to make hashtag combinations with niche tags.

Can I use Twitter TOP hashtags for free?

Yes. The top hashtags we collected on this page are proven and, of course, free. Don't forget to mix them with niche tags for the highest efficiency. Just be sure to check our Spam Score for each tag before use. If the hashtag has been marked as spammy please use it carefully and don't repeat these hashtags in the next 2-3 consecutive posts.

Do tags for likes hit my promotion?

Definitely. Tags for likes and tags for followers can help your posts become viral. Make sure you don't duplicate hashtags for each post. To improve the searchability mix them with rare or less competitive hashtags. Diversify the set – switch the order, and add new and non-repeated hashtags to reach more people.

What is the best way to apply Twitter hashtags?

The best formula for applying hashtags is:

2-3 high popular tags + 6-8 medium popular tags + 12 niche/rare tags

Remember that your post has higher chances of reaching the Twitter TOP on a rare or niche hashtag as the content on top hashtags updates every second.


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